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If there is one thing, and only one thing that traveling the world has taught me, its love.  Love for culture, humans and differences.  We cannot live in a world that continues to hate, that pushes its beliefs on one another, that tries to put one human above another because of race, skin color, gender, financial status, or who they love.   Love, true love should build us, bind us, protect us and teach us.

We do not take cruise ships with 1000’s of people who stampede towns and are bad for the ecosystem and land, cruising is certainly not the optimal way of seeing the world.  Cruise ships are also ruining the ecosystem, by dumping millions of gallons of raw sewage in the oceans every day  (though there are times when taking a cruise would be beneficial, perhaps your age restricts you, your health or there are places like parts of Alaska that you can only see by Cruise)

If you really want to see a place, you must feel it, touch it, meet the people, dine with them, walk it for hours, understand their history, culture, beliefs.  Travel is a great passion for us and we have had some grand adventures along the way.

In my blog I will attempt to show you the full experience of travel as we know it and as we have personally experienced it over the years.  Also, very important,  the Do’s and Don’ts of travel which include our own personal experiences, good and bad, things we have learned along the way and things we have incorporated into each place we visit.  I will give you reasons why you should and should not do things, people you should and should not travel with, how to pack for your own adventure, embarrassing moments, moments of awe and things you must see!  Also how not to get stuck with tourists who are simply “martini travelers” just checking places off their bucket list and not truly appreciating the experience.

One thing I would like to put forward is that having the right attitude when traveling the world can make your experience so much better. You should not go to other countries trying to Americanize them or show them how our way of life is better or different from theirs. Show them you are truly interested in who they are, and how their life will affect you and teach you,  not the other way around. If you travel with what some see as an “arrogant American” or as we have seen “European” attitude you can get hurt, you will have a bad time and you will leave a bad taste in the local’s mouths. Relax take it all in, see their world, see how they live, understand it, embrace it and by all means, have a superb time.
Not all my stories, experiences or information will be for you, depending on what kind of traveler you are. Though I do hope both novice and experienced travelers will benefit from the information I post.

My travels begin in 1998 with a simple trip to London and Scotland and as you will see my traveling days might never end!!

Please feel free to comment but keep it nice, if you have something mean or rude to say either send it to me in email or just say nothing…  and please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, likes, dislikes,  or corrections at

*Disclaimer: Any and all photography on this site, or any other site, in your home or elsewhere, developed or otherwise reproduced, given away, or money received for, that may be in your possession for any reason that was or has been taken by Bradford Wright, is Copyright protected, all rights reserved. All reproductions or selling of private property is illegal and punishable by law; Copyright (1983-2020) Bradford W. Wright Photographer, Wright Holdings Worldwide, LLC. 2020

My husband’s email is if you want to talk to the photographer himself about any of his prints on our website.

Brad Wright, Salkantay Peru 2014

Brad Wright, Salkantay Peru, 2014

Cheers, everyone and thanks for reading and for all your kind and loving support.

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