The Philippines, Bohol. Magic Oceans Dive Resort

Another adventure!  We left Seattle on Delta airlines to Seoul Korea, 11 hours.  Then we flew from Seoul to Cebu Philippines.   Stayed the night in the Waterfront Aiport Hotel, overnight.   It’s a comfortable place to have cocktails, get a good nights sleep.   You can get a quick shuttle from the airport to the hotel.   It’s not easy to just walk there from the airport but you can see the hotel from the airport.

On the way home, we flew through Narita.

Then the next morning we took a 1.5-hour drive to a ferry, a 2-hour ferry ride, another 1.5-hour drive to the resort.

Magic Oceans

Magic Oceans Resort, Bohol Philippines

Magic Oceans is the name of the resort.   This is a very nice resort.  Here are a few features.   The resort is small, only 14 bungalows.  There are 5 of them right at the pool, the others are just down a bit.  But they are all the same size, king beds, and another single bed in the room that is also a lounge to sit in.  The rooms are big, a nice table for your laptop and camera or what not, side tables, a closet-like space, with shelves to hang things and store things.   It has s small refrigerator for whatever you choose and it is stocked with soda, water, snacks, all for the buying at about 90 pesos a piece.  They also have a coffee maker and coffee and tea in the room for you.   There are plenty of plugs, AC, hot water showers.

They will provide water in the room for you for drinking and brushing your teeth.  They do not recommend using the tap for those things.

The restaurant is really good.  Fresh food, soups, bread, noodles, meats.   You get shrimp, chicken, and pork as your meats, no hamburger or steak.  The hamburgers they do serve are pork patties.   The menu is very large and there is plenty to choose from.  Even snacks during the day and plenty of things to drink.   The chef and kitchen staff were very competent.

The scuba diving is pretty good I am told.  Lots of frogfish and small things.  They did see a whale shark one day.    But the dive resort needs a few upgrades both in the way they run things and the dive operation.

First of all, you have to pay 8.00 a tank for Nitrox since they do not have their own mixing stations at the resort.   They do not label the tanks and they do not even tell you when the tanks are filled or not.   They do not wash your gear for you and they rarely if at all clean and or rinse out the rinse tanks.  Some of the washing equipment is rusted so you cant use the hoses, for example, to wash off your camera gear.

If the weather has been bad they take down the Jetty so you have to either walk through the iron shore to go diving or you have to take a long hot open truck ride to the boat or the dive site.   You have to wear your wetsuit on the ride.  They do take your fins, BC, tank to the boat for you in another vehicle.

The boats are wood and they are not equipped with any emergency gear.  There is no oxygen, or first aid kit, or defibrillator on these boats.   I find this very disturbing especially considering that I noticed there were more than a few new or beginner divers on this trip alone.

And I do not think that any resort or any certified place should allow scuba divers to take a course if they do not know how to swim.   If you can’t swim, you cannot SCUBA, that should be the rule.   Not being able to swim puts everyone around you in danger.   But this resort seems to have some lax rules on some things like this.

The dive masters were good, Brad had an O-ring failure on one dive 20M down, and the dive master he was with did exactly as she should have, giving him her Octo and helping him get safely to the surface.

However, the boat crew does not seem to see much urgency sometimes in taking care of things, or people in the water.     This is really something that should be addressed.

All in all, we had a nice time.   The resort is remote enough to be off the beaten path, but it had some great guests and we made some great new friends and had wonderful diving and great evenings drinking and laughing with people from all over the world.

This resort is not expensive as you will find in most places in The Philippines.

I think you will enjoy it!  Now go, travel!