Bequia in The Grenadines

Hottest place I have ever been to in my life.   We arrived here after a very long trip.  Then to actually get to the island you have to take a “ferry”, more like a run down old fishing boat that goes 1000 miles and hour through the choppy waters. 

We had a villa at the top of a hill overlooking the water.  It was a two bedroom place with two bathrooms, two showers and two kitchens and a huge living area with a dining table, couch etc.

The mosquitos were so bad that we had to have netting over each of our beds.  That was quite an experience if you have never had to have that before. 

The villa was actually a dump, the water for the showers, if there was any at all came from a large plastic tub on top of the outside wall of the building, it collected water and dew, and was heated by the sun, then it ran down a tube into the shower, that tube served as the shower head.   There was so much mold in the shower that the tiles were all falling out, and there were more bugs on the shower floor than there were outside.

The door to the refrigerator came off one evening and was promptly put back on by duct tape. 

It was so hot on this island that you were in a state of constant sweat.  Even playing cards we were barely dressed with fans blowing on us and you had to wipe down the cards each time you touched them because of the sweat dripping off of you or your hands. 

I hear the diving was decent, I swam a few times.  While my husband found it funny to pretend he was a shark and scare me to death while I swam above.  Oh yes he still tells this story today. 🙂

One of my companions on that trip was being so rude, and bossy and down right a pain in the ass, that one of the dive masters asked me if it was ok if he talked to me when my “mom” wasnt around.  LOL  I figured it had to do both with her demeanor and the way she had been aging lately.   It was so funny, we laughed it about it, well even to this day Brad and I laugh about it.

One thing that I loved was the coffee.  A friend of mine and I used to get up early to go down to the cafe that overlooked the water and get this great coffee.  They also served it with sweetened condensed milk and I swear to this day it is the best I have ever had.

I got heat exhaustion twice on this trip, and that was  miserable.  All you can do it sleep, try to stay cool and drink lots of water. 

They sell a lot of pot on this island and they will try to sell it to you no matter where you go.

They have these huge parties there called Jump-ups.  They last long into the nite, and they pot is really flowing. So much so that we had a huge cloud of it covering our villa while we tried to sleep one nite.  It was different.  Though I thought one of my companions could have used some pot to loosen her up some.  LOL

All in all it was a good trip.  Too hot to really enjoy anytime at the beach or even in the water.  I have lived in the South and in Arizona and nothing prepared me for this kind of hot.

It is an odd quirky trip to take, and there isnt much to do on the island itself.  So if you are hard-core diver and you want a place that isnt too popular with tourists.  This might be for you.

2 thoughts on “Bequia in The Grenadines

  1. I have an acquaintance who lives (with wife and kids) full time in Bequia. (I have never been, given that I am basically chained to a desk). They describe it as paradise, and given their means, could live anywhere in the world. I appreciated reading your blog about the “challenges” of the place. It puts into perspective what I am hearing from them — meaning it makes me wonder if there are other reasons for their choice of residence. (Tax reasons?). Anyway, thanks for the write-up!

  2. Interesting. I wouldnt call it paradise by any means but of course each person def has their own likes and dislikes as far as travel and living goes. We did have a good time, but it is truly the hottest place on the planet! And it is very third world which is not surprising just sad to see sometimes. I am glad i was able to experience it, it truly has a personality all of its own.

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