Galapagos, Bikini Atoll & The Big Island of Hawaii… CCR diving

My husband is now a CCR diver and now has the opportunities of a lifetime to go to so many more places diving, to stay down longer, to dive more, see more magnificent things, wrecks, reefs, you name it!!    He will be going on some live a boards soon to get more underwater time with his CCR so he can go back to Bikini Atoll in the spring of 2014 and back to CoCo’s island.

The CCR’s give him the opportunity to swim with sharks and fish without scaring them, to see things he can see with open-circuit diving.  To get photos you can’t imagine.

Here is what he is diving with now.  We are friends with the creator of the Titan and the owner of the shop.  Will write more about his experiences as they come up..

Cheers all hope you are well, we are off to the Cayman islands in a few weeks for our Anniversary!  Woot!