Excellence Playa Mujeres (All Inclusive Adult Only Resort) Cancun, Mexico 2011


NOTE: * After a lot of questions regarding this resort I want to make clear that this is NOT a swingers resort, nor is it a clothing optional resort.  A lot of honeymooners go here.  You cannot go topless at the beach or at any of the pool areas.  You cannot go naked at the pools or at the beach.   This is simply and ADULT ONLY resort because no one under 18 is allowed, no babies, no children period.  

We took a flight from Seattle to Atlanta and Atlanta to Cancun to meet our friends from Texas and stayed in this amazing resort.  We fly Delta all the way.   You will have to clear customs both coming and going.   Be sure to check the allowances on liquor and tobacco before you pack.  This is an Adult Only (not clothing optional) resort.  No one under 18 is allowed here.  That is what made it so appealing to us. We find it more appealing to be without children anywhere on our vacations.  And it’s getting so less and less families are flying first class with their small children so that is also a plus for us.     So now I will list the Pros and Cons of the entire experience.

My BFF Julie and I loving our ice cream!

The resort was beautiful.  We had a two-story suite that overlooked one of the swimming pool areas.  Our room had a very large king bed.  But the bed was very hard and it made it hard to sleep sometimes.  There were large fans in the room and of course air-conditioning but they were sensor controlled so all the doors had to be closed for them to work.  Also in the evenings while you were sleeping the air only came on if you got up to use the restroom for i.e because it was sensor controlled.  That made it hard to sleep too because it made the room very hot. 

Our upper deck had a large pool or hot tub area, and the water was luke warm.  It also had  huge bed and an outdoor shower and a large lounge for hanging out with your friends, drinking and looking out over the resort.  It was really nice.  Our friends had a similar suite with no upstairs but a swim up suite where you just opened their sliding door and you wer at the pool.   It was nice as well.

Room Service is 24/7!! 🙂

This is an all-inclusive resort so once you pay for the price up front there is really nothing else for you to pay for.  Of course the water sports like snorkling, wind surfing, parasailing and jet skies cost extra, ALOT extra. 

The Resort Dress Code:  There is a dress code at this resort please make sure you read and re-read this before you pack and travel all the way there and realize OOPS I can’t get into the restaurants.

Men must wear collared shirts to the restaurants also they must wear long pants and dress or casual shoes, No flip-flops (dress sandles are ok but not cheap flip flops).  Men can wear long pants or shorts to the knee and dress sandals to the Grille and the Lobster house.  Otherwise its pants and casual shoes and collared and button shirts, PERIOD!

Woman can wear tanks and shorts to breakfast but not at any other time.  You must wear skirts, slacks, dresses,  blouses, tops, sweaters etc.  You also must wear dress sandles or shoes, no flip-flops are allowed in the restaurants, the ONLY exception are the two outdoor restaurants, The Grille and the Lobster house.

You cannot walk into the restaurants with your bathing suits and flip-flops on.  It is not allowed and you will be turned away.  You may wear a dress or dressy cover-up over your bathing suit for breakfast at the restaurants but you still must look presentable and have nice sandles or shoes on. 

There are 9 restaurants on the resort site.  There is French, Italian, Pan-Asian, Mexican, Tappas, just about anything for every palate.

HOWEVER we found that the portions were very small and the service in most of the restaurants was really slow and really bad.

There is a great Martini Bar at the base and center of the resort itself, our friends and us met there most nites for drinks before dinner. 

The booze is pretty good, the wine is not great but it was fine for what I needed. 

You can get lunch served to you at the pools and or beach, sometimes there are grills going on the beach and you can just walk up and get a taco or hamburger or something and that is pretty nice.  You can get as much or as little to drink as you want pretty much anywhere.

The pools were plentiful and clean.  The water was always too warm but I think that is because it was SO hot there.  In the main pool in the main court-yard there is a swim up bar which is pretty fun.  We met some nice people there.

There are LOTS of Honeymoon couples at these resorts and there is a lot of “tourist” stuff that goes on, like games, singing, karaoke, dancing, Michael Jackson nite…. we were not into all that but if you are than it will be fine for you either way.

There is also a small cigar bar there, where you can buy cigars and have a drink in a cool environment.

All in all I give the resort a 7 out of 10.  I am not sure that we would go back and like I said Cancun is very touristy.  But it was relaxing and we did have a great time with our friends. 

My husband took a day to go diving in one of the Cenotes http://cenotedivingmexico.com/cenotes_yucatan.html and said the experience was amazing.  He brought his own dive computer and mask but rented the rest of the equipment.  It was 150.00 for diving PLUS 35.00 for the taxi transport to and from the dive site.

We took one day of touring to go see Chichen Itza http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chichen_Itza.  We took a huge tour bus (which we normally would never do, we prefer private drivers) But the bus ride was comfortable, kind of first class like.  They served cold drinks like sodas and beer, wine and tequila shots.  It was fully air-conditioned and had a restroom on board.  It took about 1.5 hours to arrive at the site from our hotel.

You can no longer climb or get too close to the ruins, they have them roped off.  Which is good because it will help preserve it longer.  Much of this site, the main Pyramid has been restored. 

The place was SO filled with tourists it was hard to get good shots of the ruins, but he was patient and took some nice photos.  I am sure one of them will go on our monument wall soon. 🙂   It was 110 degrees the day we were touring the site, it was DAMN hot in the sun so here is some advice:


When you are touring in places like this and it’s the middle of summer PLEASE be sure to dress appropriately for it.  I saw people with shorts and tanks, no hats, flip-flops, no water,  and they were miserable.  You MUST wear a hat of some sort, it’s better to wear long pants that are moisture wicking and a light-colored long sleeve over shirt to keep you cool.  Wear good hiking shoes with moisture wicking socks.  And DRINK plenty of water.  Stay in the shade as much as you can.  You can quickly get dehydrated and sick in these kinds of conditions. So don’t worry about your pride, or your vanity, dress properly to ensure you enjoy the experience to its fullest.

The tour is a full day and you will be provided a buffet lunch at the site.  Remember though you will have to PAY for any drinks you get in the buffet and they are expensive.  You will be served a complimentary green tea cold beverage but otherwise all drinks, including water are about 3.00 USD.

We then went to one of the Cenotes to swim:  IT IS WORTH IT!  Pack a bathing suit and bring a towel, there are changing rooms at the entrance to the Cenote so you can change in and out of your wet clothes.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cenote

The water is SO clean and so clear and SO refreshing.  There are about 100 steps to get down inside the cave, its best to wear walking shoes and NOT flip flops, the steps are rocky and slippery and you could really get hurt or cut if you fall.  The water is very cold at first but after a day of hiking in the heat its a nice change.  Its really an experience like NO other!