Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

We took a week to visit this amazing Island!!  For me this was my first time, for my husband it was his third.  He was doing more CCR diving and I was snorkeling, hanging by the pool, writing, shopping and meeting some great new friends!!

We took United (which we hate flying BTW) from Sea-Tac to Dulles and Dulles to Grand Cayman.  Same route coming home.   It was long for us but for others it was only a few hours, like if you are coming from NC.. easy flight!

Grand Cayman June 2013

Grand Cayman June 2013

Grand Cayman is the largest of the Islands.  We stayed at  this place is incredible!  It is clean and fun and seems to attract a great crowd.  Its not cheap but nothing in the Caymans is.   But if you have the means and you have the time its def. for you.   They have a great Dive Shop, Dive Tech,–  which is one of the top dive shops at one of the top Dive Resorts.

The rooms at the resort are large.  They include a living space, with a refrigerator, a table, a couch, a chair and plenty of space to use your laptop.  Plenty of plugs to plug-in your batteries, phone etc.  You have free Wi-Fi, it’s a bit slow but it works.  The Wi-Fi works best in the bar and eating area but not great in your room.   The rooms have large beds, a large bathroom and they even include, soap, shampoo, extra towels and blankets if you need them.  The rooms have AC and fans so they are very cool, which is nice esp. at certain times of year.  There is also a pool right outside the rooms.   You basically walk out your room and there you are at the outdoor dining area.   Breakfast is usually a buffet, with eggs, potatoes, fruits, breads, jams, bacon, sausage, pancakes, French toast, coffee, tea etc.   You can also order off the menu but its all pretty much the same.   Lunch and dinner are menu items and the selection is wonderful.  And everything, is fresh.  I loved the Mahi-Mahi Fish tacos they were a huge hit with me.   They also have fresh soups and specials each day for lunch and dinner.  You will never lack variety and you will not be disappointed.

** The plugs in the Caymans are the same as the states, no need to have an adapter.

The all-inclusive package includes three meals a day, and 5 alcoholic drinks a day.  (the alcohol program is not a rollover, so it’s a use it or lose it kind of drink deal)

The dive shop is located right there at the resort, out your room and there it is.  They support snorkeling, open-circuit, CCR and CCR tri-mix diving.  They offer courses as well as private instructors.  You can also get your Lion Fish hunting license and go out with one of the DM’s and kill the Lion Fish (Lion Fish do not belong in the Caribbean.  They have NO natural predator there and they are eating up the life)  So Lion Fish hunting is highly encouraged.  DONT worry they have recipes for them not so they can be cooked and eaten safely.

I also did Sting Ray city!!  It was so amazing.  Though some people still have a false belief about Sting Rays, they really are amazing and HARMLESS creatures.  They do not kill, they do not hunt, they do not bite, they do not point and aim their barbs at you.  They are incredible creatures.   You can either go out on a small dive boat and dive to the bottom, 10 or 12 feet and sit on the bottom so they swim around you.  Or you can snorkel above them, and they will come up to greet you, or you can take another tour where you stand in the water up to your waist and the Sting Rays just swim around you.   It really is a neat experience.  They are soft and fun and inquisitive!  You should def. do this its worth it.  I think it costs about 30.00 a person.   The dive boat will have tanks and towels and water.  But you need to pack up your own gear to take with you, including snorkels, fins, BC etc.,_Grand_Cayman

We took one day to go shopping.  We did not go to Georgetown, as if was my first time we went to Camana Bay instead.  Its pretty swanky!  It has lots of expensive shops but the courtyard was neat and they had a lot of great restaurants.  We met our new friends from Colorado and NC there after they spent the day on 7 mile beach, and we had drinks and dinner and there was even dancing!  It was great fun.

All in all my experience there not only had deep meaning for me as it was, years ago the first time my now husband bought me my first piece of jewelry, it seemed like a great place to spend our anniversary.

It was hot, so you don’t need much.   A few bathing suits, cover ups, sarongs, sandals, flip-flops, some sun dresses, sunscreen, a hat or head cover esp. if you are going to snorkel for long periods.  You probably don’t need a lot of make-up as you will sweat it off, and it wont really be worth it to fix your hair as you are usually dripping in sweat!  🙂   So headbands, cute head pieces, rubber bands, scrunchies are a must!  Sunglasses don’t forget those!

I loved it and I am excited to go there again.  If you want a fun, sunny, beautifully friendly place to vacation this is the place.