Global Entry



One of the best things for travelers is what is called Global Entry.   It is a specific card/program that you are issued so that your entry back into the USA is expedited.   You do not have to wait in the long lines at Customs nor do you have to wait in line for Immigration.   This Global Entry card will give you quicker access back into the country.   It really is a wonderful way to travel.  Especially if you have been gone a long time and you just want to get back home.

The card is GREAT coming back into the US from Canada, all you do is get into the Nexxus line, wave your card at a reader, and drive right on through.  No more long lines, no more hassles.

You do have to go through a process to get this card, pay a fee and talk to an agent.  But it is worth it!  Here is the information if you are a frequent traveler and wish to make life easier on your returns home.   Also you will get what is called TSA Pre-Check.  It’s a special security line that you go through quickly, you don’t have to take off your shoes, or coats or belts, or remove your laptops or phones from your bags.    It’s quite a nice process all in all.

We highly recommend this program.  Its simple, fast, and worth every penny and second you spend getting it set up.

Cheers and happy travels.

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