Whistler, Canada

We decided to take a drive to Whistler!  It was the perfect 4 day weekend away where we didn’t have to fly and we could take our time driving the beautiful roads and scenery in our convertible.

It is about a 4-5 hour drive from our home to Whistler, depending on traffic and the Border Crossing.  We have Global Entry to the return trip was a breeze, we didn’t even have to sit in line at the border.   It literally was a 3 minute trip across the border for us and other Nexxus or Global Entry holders.  Wow!  That made it so much easier and nicer for the drive.

We stayed at the Crystal Hotel in the village,   http://www.crystal-lodge.com/hotel.   It was really nice.  We had a large room, with a couch, a small kitchenette with a microwave, coffee maker, sink and plenty of glasses for drinking wine, water, booze etc.  It had a large television, a king bed a large bathroom a safe, most of the usual stuff.  The hotel was clean and well-kept.  The beds were very comfortable.

It is 22.00 a day to park your car in the garage, but its safe there and that seems pretty standard.

Being right in the village is great because you come out of your hotel and there you are in the midst of things.   There are tons of restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner.   You can choose to spend little or a lot on any of those things.  There are plenty of Starbucks in the village, so you wont be short on your coffee or tea or scone.  🙂  *And to answer a question from a reader, YES there are several Starbucks in the Village.  Don’t worry you wont be without your Latte!  🙂

There are a few restaurants in the center of the village that seem to be hopping.   It’s nice because you can order a drink or food and just sit and people watch or a show that might be going on in the center.

There are lots of shops for souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, just about anything you need/want.   You can buy booze, food for your room, there is also a couple of pharmacies.   There is plenty to do at Whistler even in the summer.  You can take the peak to peak gondola ride to the top of the mountain and have lunch while looking over the peaks.  Its amazing!

You can hike, there is bike riding, and there is still plenty of skiing and boarding to be had at the top on the glacier.

It can be a bit chilly so I recommend a wrap or light sweater in the evenings.   The wind is a bit cold but for us it was fine because we live in the Pacific NW so we are used to the temps.   I brought one pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts, a couple of cover up shirts for sun coverage while on the open lifts and while walking around or hiking.   I brought GOOD hiking shoes, also a dress pair of shoes, some leggings a couple of nice blouses for dinner.  It’s a pretty casual place but there is always room to dress up in the evenings if you chose.

You can do river rafting, and bear watching and zip lining as well.  We took the 2 hour bear tour.  They pick you up in a land rover and you share that very small car with 6 other people while driving up a mountain trying to see bears in the woods or by the side of the road.   *I do not think its worth the 200.00 for this tour.   We mostly just drove around, played magical chairs in the car and in the end saw only one small bear on our way back to the room.  Honestly we could have taken our own car up around the roads to find the beard ourselves.  I don’t recommend this tour, but that certainly is up to you.

The prices are reasonable for a place like Whistler.   There are a few very expensive restaurants but we chose a more casual weekend.

Go, have fun, see the sights, walk the village and bring your camera.