The British Virgin Islands 2016

So here we are another adventure under our belts!

Brad and I had a Tekdive show to attend in Miami so we met our friends in Tortola on a Sunday evening.

It was a pretty easy flight for us, Seattle to Miami and Miami to Tortola.  You can land there at the tiny airport and then take a morning ferry to the docks where you boat is waiting.

Let me go back a bit.  In 2004 my husband and I had decided that living on a Catamaran sometime in our retirement years, would be something to consider.  So we went to DC the next year for the Boat Show.  There we fell in love with Catamarans.  Especially the  Lagoon Catamarans.  We have seen them, walked on them, become familiar with them and have been watching them grow and change over the past 15 years or so.    Last year we went back to the boat show to see the Lagoons again, along with 100’s of other catamarans.   This time we knew which boat we loved, its the one we first fell in love with, the 42 foot Lagoon.  What a great boat!  Plenty of room, not to big, built to order.   🙂

We then decided to go ahead and charter this particular boat from The Catamaran company.   We got a great deal!  We spoke with 5 of our friends and when they were all in, we chartered it!  7 days in the BVI’s.   We paid $1200.00 extra the week for a captain, but otherwise we decided that we were all competent adults and didn’t need a full crew.   So for the 7 of us, with a captain and food, it was $4000.00 a couple for the 7 days.  Great deal!

BVI girls

So back to where I was… The Catamaran company handles most everything for you, you decide what food you want on the boat, what booze you want on the boat, and the day you arrive they deliver it all to the boat.   Then you and your friends put it in its place.  Brad and I had a   TekDive USA show to attend in Miami so we met our friends already on the boat.

One couple flew from their home in Texas, to Miami and then to Tortola.  Our other local friends flew from Seattle to Miami and on to Tortola.  You then take a cab to the ferry dock and the ferry to where the boats are docked.

The boat is roomy, with a large kitchen, sitting area.  There were 4 full cabins and 4 full heads on this boat.   It was the perfect size for the 7 of us.  The fly bridge was large enough for the captain and for 4 or more friends to sit with the captain and gab and keep him or her company.  When Brad was captaining the boat, he loved having people hang out with him up there.   And it has a great view.

Then we sailed each afternoon, usually to a place where we tied up to a buoy, and then we could swim, snorkel, swim to the beach, etc.   Most days we snorkeled, floated on rafts, swam, etc.  Then when we were done we would sail to the island that we would anchor or tie up to for the evening.

Brad and his friend Shawn did some open circuit diving three mornings out of the 7.  The captain arranged for a SCUBA boat to meet us and take the guys and bring them back in the afternoon.  Easily arranged at the Dive shop where your boat is docked.

We had ordered enough food on the boat to be able to have three meals a day for all of us. Plus snacks, fruit, etc.  So we only ate out to dinner one evening on land.  Otherwise the boat is equipped with a stove, an oven, and a grill on the back deck.  Two freezers and two refrigerators.

We all pitched in with the cleaning, the cooking, the chopping, the grilling.   We were a great team.  The 7 of us got along great on this trip and we had a blast.

I totally recommend doing this trip with your friends.   Its easy, inexpensive and you see some of the most beautiful places.



NOTE: The BVI’s are clean, modern and beautiful.  Remember you will need your passport as it is partially British property.  As I always recommend, take your passports wherever you travel, its just the smart move.   Also, this time of year was not too hot, it was just right.  We did have one nasty day of rain, but it was our last day sailing back.   There were minimal mosquitoes.   But take bug spray and or wipes.  Take sunscreen, take a good hat, and bring your own beach towel or towels as they do not provide that.   There is minimal marinades on the boat, if you want to marinade say your meats, bring stuff for that. Otherwise the boat is pretty well stocked with everything.   You can get long hot showers when you dock if you prefer that over using the showers on the boat.  But there is plenty of water as long as you are cautious about its use.

Its also a great way to bond with people.  You get time to talk, play cards, lay in the sun, drink, eat, etc.   I am so glad we decided to take on this adventure and so glad we got to share it with some of our very dear friends.