Africa! South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe

Off on another adventure, almost a month on the road.  This time, 4 more countries in Africa.  Africa literally captivates the hearts of all who visit.  It’s an incredible place with the most amazing people, stories and history.   I wildly implore you to go.

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Namibia Dunes.  2019 Copyright Angela Wright Photography

We flew Business class on Emirates, Seattle to Dubai, then off and running we went.  I was going to post a very long explanation of our trip but I decided to just share our itinerary from the very company that planned it for us.  Lucky for us they happen to be very close to our home.  So that made it easy and convenient to plan this very special trip.

A few things to note as usual:

Emergency Kits:  Always carry a medical emergency kit with you.  If you get sick or hurt in some countries you won’t easily be able to get medical treatment.  But you should always carry Cipro for your tummy, a Z-Pack, motion sickness meds, anti-fungal, Benadryl, Bite cream, bandaids, Neosporin, Aspirin, Activated Charcoal pills, Aleve and or Ibuprofin, Iodin Swabs (which you should be able to get for free from your doctor or pharmacist) and make sure you have all your prescription medications and supplements with you.   If you are going to be gone a long time and you don’t want to carry every single bottle I recommend this for your everyday medicine and supplements Folding Pill Organizer

Weather:  The weather can vary in parts of Africa, as in parts of the United States.  We found that the early mornings were very chilly.  Especially since we were mostly in open-air vehicles.  They did provide hot water bottles and blankets for us.  But I highly recommend taking a coat, one that can be easily packed, perhaps folded into itself.  A hat, gloves and a scarf.   Its easier to peel clothes off when you get warm, then to not have enough clothing when it’s cold.  Also, pack wool socks and regular socks for the changing weather.  Make sure your shoes are comfortable and for walking over rough terrain and or getting wet if necessary.  Salomon makes the perfect shoes for this kind of trip.  Make sure you pack sunscreen because when the sun comes up and you are in an open-air vehicle you are going to need it.  And really good sunglasses.  Perhaps a hat to keep the heat out also, I always recommend Tilly.

Toiletries: Be sure you have everything you need in your toiletry bag.  I always recommend bags like this, for easy travel and convenience in your rooms and or tents.  If you are gone for two weeks or more make sure you have all the things you need, you will be hard-pressed to get those things in many parts of Africa if you are on safari in remote places.   Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, q-tips, floss, extra contacts, lotion for face and hands, face scrub,  Tampons, pads, hair accessories, brush, comb, safety pins, small sewing kit, toothpicks.  Anything that you use daily that you may not be able to get on this trip.

Wi-fi/Cell service:  It was very rare on our trip that we had any kind of cell service or Wi-fi service.   We were fine with that as we didn’t really need it for anything.   But because of this, I recommend that you treat it like the old days.  Keep copies of your itinerary on paper, with you, make sure you leave a copy back home for friends just in case, and copies of your passport back home, just in case.  Keep a list of all phone numbers written somewhere just in case there is an emergency.  And pack your kindle or books, there will plenty of downtime and for the most part no internet.

Tented camps:  The camps are so lovely, lots of great food, comfortable rooms, and places to sit and relax, read, have a cocktail, etc.  But there is no AC or heat in the tents.  So just be prepared in the evenings and early mornings to be a bit chilly.  Most places will provide blankets and hot water bottles in your beds for you.   But warm socks, warm jammies, are always a good idea to pack.   And in the afternoons it can get very hot in the tents, some have fans but that is about it.   So be prepared to sweat.  It’s an adventure for sure.   And the showers are all solar so sometimes you will be asked to shower in the evenings because that is when you will have hot water.  You don’t want to wake up in the chill of the morning with no heat and no hot water.  That’s not a great way to start the day.

Vaccinations: Always check the  CDC  and  WHO  websites before you travel anywhere to get the latest on vaccination requirements or medications that you need to bring or take with you as you travel.

Also here is my husband’s delightful site with photos and his take on our trip.

I hope you enjoy reading about our trip and seeing our incredible photos of this magical Continent.   If you have a chance to go, do it.  You will never be disappointed with your choice.   If you have any questions or feel I need to add something please reach out to me at any time.