Hotels & Bed and Breakfasts

Lets talk about Hotels and what each of them offer you depending on the country and city you travel in.  You can easily stay at a 4 or 5 star hotel without breaking the bank.  If you are traveling to places like Egypt for example, staying at a 5 star hotel is highly recommended.  Mostly because you cannot drink the water in Egypt, you should not even let it touch your lips in the shower.  You should not eat the salad, or fruit that has not been peeled, or unpasteurized cheese just to name a few… To ensure that your food is healthy and wont make you sick,  staying at an upstanding hotel will help to make your travel experience better because the likelihood of you getting ill from eating the food in one of these hotels is highly unlikely.


The Mena House is a 5 star Hotel in Cairo Egypt.  Its fantastic, the rooms are nice, the service is good, the food is wonderful and you can trust that is has been prepared so as not to make you ill.  The best part of this hotel, if you get the right room you can actually see the Main Pyramids of Giza right out your balcony.  And not just a small part of them ALL of them, they are so close you can practically touch them.  * side note* At this hotel for some of the restaurants you may want to have a dress or slacks with you and your significant other needs a dress shirt and slacks to enter the restaurants.


Scotland is a magical place! It has the feeling of old world, castles and pubs, hand shakes and smiles.  It is one of my favorite places to visit.  When you travel here we have found it best, and more cost-effective to stay in B&B’s.  They are homey, they are lovely and they include FULL breakfasts.  You get to meet the locals, families that have owned land for centuries.  They can tell you the best places to travel, and they like to sit with you in the lounge in the evenings and share a drink.  Its marvelous.  You can go online and choose from so many, you will find it hard to stay in just one.


We went for a quick weekend and stayed at this new hotel on the Pier.  FANTASTIC!  The hotel rooms are lovely!  The service is to die for and you have a great view of the water, the whole pier, the other side of the city and you can catch the water taxi right down the street from your room.  There is a gret bar/restaurant downstairs and you can walk to almost more restaurants than you can imagine.  There are local bars, breakfast joints, Starbucks, everything.  This place is very new so everything is clean and modern.  You will love your stay here.  And, at least for now, its not very expensive either. 🙂