Pandemic 2020/2021

I want to transition my posts away from travel to what is happening right now, around the globe.  The COVID 19 Pandemic.   The worldwide pandemic that at first was a conversation, perhaps a concern,  and quickly turned into a nightmare for all of us, all over the world.  Since 1918 with the Spanish Flu, the death toll was estimated to have been anywhere from 17 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million, making it one of the deadliest pandemics in human history.[3]

I want to update this post as things change for good or bad and document things in the world and in my own country and state, WA state,  as this virus spreads and kills.

As of today Tuesday August 17th, 2021, 632K dead in the United States alone, 4 million dead worldwide.  The Trump administration was shameful, inept, and corrupt.  They pushed drugs that killed people and they gutted all agencies like the CDC because the president could not stand to be wrong. But he was WRONG, very wrong about this virus, along with most other things that come from his mouth.  He will go down as the worst president in our countries history.  Twice Impeached, incited a coup, domestic terrorists, he is a disgrace to his office and our constitution. Hopefully he will be in jail soon for his many many crimes, including tax fraud.

The virus does not discriminate.  It is taking young, old, brown, black, rich, poor, religious, non-religious, sick, healthy, gay, straight, it does not care, it will take you.  And you can get it from family, it does not care that you are related.

Thankfully we now have a new president and administration that is finally taking the virus seriously and speeding the vaccine into communities and arms as quickly as he can.  And as of today because of the now competent Biden administration we now have at least 60% of people in the US who have received one shot of the vaccine.   This is NOT enough and it has caused TWO new variants to pop up.  The administration is ramping it up so that most of Americans can get their vaccine by the end of May.  (many people however still refuse this vaccine due to misinformation and honestly pure stupidity)   Life will never go back to the way it was but life will go on and go on it must.  We are still, 21 months into the pandemic, having conversations about mask wearing and getting the vaccine.   Pathetic.

As a frequent traveler, our lives have been put on hold, quickly.  Not just internationally but domestically.  And though, stopping our personal travel is not a tragedy in the world of tragedies, with people dying and dying quickly and frequently, it certainly has changed our life.  It has changed all our lives.  And I doubt life will be the same again.

And its not just about the travel its about the places, towns, cities, countries that rely on travelers.  The money that tourism brings to these places and how the lack of travel, this virus has shut down many places.  Restaurants, shopping, towns, cruise industry, and the like.

We are on a soft lockdown, shelter in place.  We don’t leave the house except to go for walks, and perhaps a drive in the sun once in a while.  We have food delivered, we have booze delivered, we have everything come to our home.  (march 2020)   We are now opening up a bit, as more and more people get vaccinated.   Bars and restaurants, schools and businesses, with restrictions but slowly things are coming back.

Things look a bit more normal now, but even vaccinated people are wearing masks again because not enough people are getting the vaccine and now its spreading the virus, again.

We are asked to wear masks if we go in public where we may come in contact with people.   I even have friends who are making masks and distributing them in our own community for health care workers and regular people alike.  Masks have become part of most people’s regular attire these days.  And the scramble to get them because of the ineptness and corruption of the Trump Administration has been unacceptable at best.

We wear our pajamas all day, work and personal relationships are all done online now.  My husband works 100% from home and though that is not a huge deal, it certainly was a transition for him to not be with his team in the flesh.  And though he can manage everything he needs to from home, it’s still hard and hard on his team.

A transition for me as I am a full-time housewife and am used to having the home to myself all week. Now it is filled with 8-10 hours of conference calls and texts and late-night emails and messages as he and his team and corporation all transition into a new corporate life.  I have learned to use my laptop in other parts of the house and or wear my headphones in the office if I need my main machine for writing or doing business.  I have ramped up my crafts, painting, crochet, sewing, painting covid rocks, or love rocks for the neighborhood, etc.   And of course reading tons of books, taking online college classes, 7 all told, redecorating the house here and there, planning for our new vacation home.  I kind of treated it like being a latchkey kid… just be creative while home alone.  LOL

Almost everything has been closed down, hair salons, nail salons, gyms, malls, restaurants, bars, parks, beaches.  Businesses have scrambled to figure out how to keep their businesses running.  Online orders, take out only, pick up, delivery.   There are no doctors appointments, no dentists, no hair cuts.  We even bury our loved ones and pick out headstones, online.  (I had to do this with my father in February of this year, 2021 as he died from COVID in his nursing home in GA)

There are workers who are considered essential. Healthcare mainly.  Grocery store workers and most food stores are open for business but on limited hours and staff.   Liquor stores are all open, limited staff, most people have things delivered or we order online and pick up at the store, outside the store.

Airlines are at a standstill, and business including large retailers like Nordstrom are beginning to close and file for bankruptcy.   What remains after this is over, is far from easy to predict.  March 2021 Airlines are running more and more but the restrictions still apply, masks, vaccines, smaller capacity on the planes etc.

As of August, 2021 we finally ventured to Europe, Croatia.  They require vaccines and airlines and airports require masks, period.   It was our first international travel since December of 2019.  We were very careful, ate outside, sat outside, we were on a boat with 6 friends for a week.  Any inside shopping we did, we wore a mask.   You can go back to a bit of normal but you have to mask and you have to be vaccinated and you have to get tested to prove you are virus free.

We have canceled almost all vacations for the year and though we spend most of the summer having BBQs and parties and cocktails and birthdays and anniversaries, those plans have also had to change.

We can now have a couple people over here and there (March 2021) as our friends get vaccinated and as we still social distance and stay isolated most of the time.

We have figured out how to have “social distancing” cocktails with friends.  They bring their own chairs, and booze and snacks and we set up chairs in the front driveway, far apart and we air high five, a virtual hug, and still do out best to enjoy our friends considering the situation.  Our backyard has a huge fire pit that seats about 16 or so and we can easily, now that the weather is getting nicer, have someone over to enjoy the music, the fire pit, the company.  We did this most of 2020 just so we could have a bit of social interaction.   Thankfully the summer of 2020 was lovely and we could easily social distance on our back deck.

We always sit 6 or more feet apart with friends and we touch nothing together.  We use Lysol and purell on anything that we gift or any place a friend has to use a part of the home, like a guest bath.   We don’t entertain inside and though all these transitions have been hard, we are learning how to do it and we all have figured it out together.

We are fortunate because my husband can work from home, we can pay our bills and order anything we need.   We are healthy and we live in a fantastic place where we can easily drive somewhere just to enjoy the drive or sit on the side of the road and have a picnic.

We don’t take a single healthy day for granted nor do we take our friends for granted.  We try to check on everyone as often as we can.   We make calls, and send emails and have video conferencing as often as we can.   We text, we send cards, we write letters and we wake up every day grateful.

This summer, 2021 things were a bit better.  Vaccines are rolling out, ALL our friends believe in science and they still are very socially responsible.  So we can have meals inside, and have more people over once in a while.  BUT we are probably going to go back into lockdown and people continue to refuse the vaccine.  PURE STUPIDITY.  We have learned to live like this for now, hopefully as the days march on the virus will continue to die off, people will get vaccinated but the hard truth is people ARE still dying.  And now not just the old, but the young, teenagers, young people.   Quite a world we live in right now.

On a huge side note and emotional topic.

On February 2, 2021 my father Thomas Eugene Robinson at 76 years old was taken by COVID.  What a thing.  Now I am having to plan his burial from  the other side of the country due to the continued spread of this virus.  I cant be there for his burial, I will have to wait until probably next year to go visit his gravesite.

Update: I did fly to GA in May 2021 to see his gravesite.   It was an odd thing standing over a box knowing his body was inside.  Now I am without any parent.   And people still think the virus isn’t real even if I say my father died from it, they laugh and say no he wasn’t. maddening.

I thought I would receive condolences from my immediate family and I did from one person but the others continue to ignore me as if that is an acceptable way to treat humans.  And in the real world, its simply not acceptable.  It is not acceptable to shun.  Its emotional terrorism and its not an appropriate in any life at any time.  Nor is it appropriate to teach others especially children that ignoring someone or shunning them is a loving way to treat others.  Its abuse and it should be, as it is becoming in some places, against the law.

I do hope most of my family is well, safe, during this pandemic and every day really, since they choose not to speak to me, or us over our religious differences. I keep hearing the phrase “you left us” ring in my ears.  When the reality is I left no one.  I am here, always have been.  They are making those choices not me.  I have no restrictions on my love.  I have no conditions on my love.   Their view is that their religion is somehow more powerful than god.    I have learned painfully that there is no way a god of any kind would think that not speaking to family or old friends is acceptable.   A god of love would always want people to be kind and loving to one another and especially during trying and hard times, to be there for one another with no strings, no conditions.  And if you believe in all that, Jesus left ONE commandment, LOVE.   I think about my sisters and my nieces and brother-in-law’s every day.  My heart is heavy for those we have lost, for the mess this country deals with every day for the doctors and nurses who put their lives and their loved ones lives on the line every day because of this pandemic.  If anyone out there from my past is listening or cares, we are good, healthy, and living the best we can during this time.  It is acceptable and fine to reach out to me, to us, to call, to email, to text, to check in on us, as we have on you, yet you refuse to reply or acknowledge our existence.  That is unacceptable, period.  It seems nothing allows their god to love unless it has rules and laws that are man-made and painful and hurtful to others.   Friends and family should be there for one another, PERIOD.  That is what real and true love is.  Love has no conditions, no strings, no laws, no rules.  It is love, and it should cover everything and everyone.

And in the 21st century I find it hard to believe that people cling to a cult that has more sexual crime cover ups than the Catholic Church, facts.  Hopefully it wont take a tragedy in their own lives to wake the F up and get their lives together out of that cult.

Our new life has proven what true family and friends are. And we are all there for one another during good times and bad.   It never occurs to them or us to simply brush aside our friendship because a cruel god said we should.   Love is love, period.   Friends are friends or they aren’t.  There should be no middle ground and when the entire world is on lockdown, sick, dying, this is when we need each other.  But many choose to ignore real humans for their own silly and twisted agenda.  Their own selfish and ignorant views.   Please wake up before your whole life goes before you and you are left with nothing but a shell of yourself.  No dignity, no education, no true friends, no family.  Children who will in the end, resent and hate you.

That part of my rant over.   I will update this site when appropriate.   Please reach out to me at any time.   My calendar is not very full these days.   🙂  All my contact information is the same as its been for years.

Please take care of yourselves and each other.

Cheers from Seattle.