Chuuck state (Truk Lagoon) The Federated states of Micronesia

Well here we are done with another adventure.  Wreck diving in Truk Lagoon, or Chuuck state as the locals call it.

We left Seattle on Delta airlines, 10 hours to Narita Japan, another 4 hours to Guam and then 1 1/2  hour flight into Chuuck.

Lets talk about the resort., this is a hard core divers resort.

This is not Wakatobi, or the four seasons.  It does not have luxury, or fancy meals.  But, its clean, cool and comfortable.  And the ocean views from every single room/balcony, are to die for.


A little about the resort.  They support both open circuit and CCR diving.  The dive shop is well equipped.  But be warned it does not have AC so setting up, gearing up, cleaning up, is HOT!

We were with Pete Mesley and his group:

The resort does NOT have a pool. Which might seem like a silly thing to add, but its DAMN hot and the ocean water is very warm.  So having a cooler temperature pool would be nice.  But of course its expensive to maintain, so, no pool.

The rooms usually have two double or full beds, full balcony’s, with a table and chairs, AC units in the room, a large bathroom, linen closet, dresser for your clothes, closet to hang things up.   A small table and chairs in the room a television and phone that do not work, but for some reason are there.  🙂

The AC is a bit cranky, its either to hot or to cold in your room.   We just managed it the best we could.  There are ceiling fans in every room, but they do not work.

They provide a hair dryer, shampoo and soap.

The rooms are cleaned each day and you are given fresh towels.  The linens on the bed are changed once a week.

The resort is well maintained, the grounds are cleaned and mowed each day.


Blue Lagoon Resort, Chuuck

There are hammocks that you can lay in all around the resort, for a leisurely day of reading, or napping.

The resort needs a few repairs, the tiles in the rooms are coming up, the tiles in the showers are very bad, some of them are coming out, there is some mildew in the showers, but its a hot, humid place, where supplies and repairs are limited.    All in all I was very happy with my stay.

The restaurant serves three meals a day.  The menu is pretty large and they will make you most anything.   But after a week or two you will get tired of eating fish, and what I called “meatloaf burgers”.  They also offer many Japanese choices on the menu which were quite nice.   All in all, the fish is fresh, the coffee hot and the staff very kind.

*NOTE:  You need to be respectful of the locals when you are at the resort.  Try to stay covered up while in your bathing suit.  There is no need to wear a skimpy bikini.  And when you are in the dining room you need to have shoes, and be covered up.  Its inappropriate to go shirtless, (men), or shoe less, or wear your bathing suit in the dining area.  Wearing a tank, or a dress over your bathing suit is fine.  But if you are not dressed appropriately, they will ask you to leave and or change.  Just show respect.  

There is wi-fi in the lobby.  As you can imagine it is “the coconut telegraph”.  Its very slow and if there are multiple people using it at the same time.. well, good luck.

The water is safe to drink, BUT they do give you filtered water in your rooms in Tupperware containers.  You do have a small refrigerator in your room so you can put that in there and keep it cold.   I recommend using bottled water for brushing your teeth, drinking etc.  You never really know…

There is also a small “store” near the front desk. You can buy items like gum, Tylenol, toothpaste, etc. they do have a few bottles of booze for about 60.00 a piece.

You are allowed two bottles of liquor a person into Chuuck.  I highly recommend buying those at Duty Free in the Guam airport.  That way you can have it in your room for cocktails, or after dinner.

There is an outdoor bar at the resort, and for some reason those drinks are a bit cheaper than the dining room.

There are a few mosquito’s, but surprisingly, not as many as we expected.  You might do well with some bug wipes, or bug spray.  But there is no need for malaria medicine or anything like that.   There are tons of birds around and they do a pretty good job of gobbling up those nasty bugs.

Have fun, relax, get in some great dives and you might even meet some new people and make new friends.

Cheers!  Now enjoy my slideshow!!

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