The Dominican Republic 2001

Amazing!  Kite boarding, inexpensive, beautiful beaches.  It was a short trip and not very expensive.  Easy to get too, and though it is third world, the people are very friendly, and the hotel we stayed in was not only clean, it was beautiful.  The food was so cheap and good.  We could go out on the beach in the morning and have beers for a dollar and Mai Tai’s for a dollar.  And we sat and watched the Kiteboarding all day. 

My husband tried his hand at Kiteboarding, well needless to say, though he gets a gold star for trying, it’s a hard sport.   Many very young and very hard bodied people do it.   Some people work all fall and winter to just spend the summer Kiteboarding.  And we did see a girl get her legs broken and a guy get bounced off the beach when his kite went out of control.  Its not a sport for the faint of heart…

Since this trip we have been to many places where we see many kiteboarders.  Its become a huge sport and the equipment is so much better and safer these days.  But still it can be dangerous and in some areas it is illegal.

The rooms were very nice, the beds were comfortable and the service was great.  This was a very romantic place to go and it felt nice just hanging out and then being together during those rare occasions that we were alone.

I love it, and I would go back here again and again.  I think if you want an easy, fun, sunny place to go.. The Dominican Republic is it.

I think at least one of our travel companions really enjoyed this place too.  She was always the kind who loved the beach and just hanging out and reading in an easy laid back environment.

*I don’t know how anyone can not have a good time in this beautiful place. The people are friendly, its laid back and its a great place to fall in love, be in love or just enjoy companionship.  Have fun, take it all in, enjoy life. 

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