London, Scotland and Norway 2007

This was a most fantastic trip.  We went to Scotland for our second time and decided this time, since we had no restrictions of awful travel companions, that we would visit as many distilleries as possible and stay in some amazing B&B’s and see as much of the land, and scenery as possible.  To make new and better memories.   We rented a car and drove from one of Scotland to the other.  From Aberdeen to the Isle of Skyy.  We saw Glen Grant distillery, McCullan, Glenfiddich,  Highland Park, Scapa, Ardmore, Dalwhinnie, Blair Athol, Glennmorangie (this is where I fell and chipped my knee cap and put a whole in my knee to the bone.  It was an experience that I wont forget.  Dont do it, it hurts very much bad) 🙂  There were many other distilleries that we saw on this trip.  In the winter time you cannot tour many of them so be prepared to not see anything but the grounds and perhaps get a taste of scotch at the front desk.

But the weather is very much like Seattle, damp and grey mostly.  Its not cold but cool even during the day so wear layers for the unpredictable day to day weather.  Also its best to wear good walking shoes, with the dampness things are slippery and wet and muddy in some parts and because there are lots of stone walkways and stone steps you can get hurt if your shoes are not proper for walking.  I slipped on some wet wooden stairs when the day was very rainy and I was not being smart about my shoe choice for the day.

You will want to venture to the banks of Lochness and many waterways so be prepared that you are going to get muddy in some places.

See as many castles as you can get into and or stand.  They are amazing.  The history is fascinating and I have been nowhere even to this day where the castles have been as well preserved as they are in Scotland.  Stirling Castle is my favorite, it is well preserved and it has a great view.  You can see Wallace Monument from one side of it (think BraveHeart)  You can get some amazing shots there.  (we had to replace some shots from a previous trip, they were lost in a divorce. And probably at this point sold illegally to someone since they are all copyrighted.  But we got some amazing stuff)  The weather if it is good and sunny will give you the best photography and you can stay there for hours.  This time we even got to see some reenactments of sword fighting. It was wonderful!

We drove 800 miles on this trip, seeing everything, eating at every pub, talking to all the locals and just having a relaxing marvelous time.  I was so glad that we decided to go back here, my memories were so much better and so amazing and so much more relaxed on this trip. 

I recommend Scotland to anyone and everyone, it is a beautiful place.  I dont think anyone will regret there time here.  Give yourself at least 10 days, w.out travel time to roam around here.  We are very familiar with most areas and most B&B’s so if you plan to go here let us know we can recommend where to stay and what to avoid.

B&B’s are your best bet in Scotland.  They are all privately owned and run.  And they are everywhere so you have many to choose from.  They are not very expensive and breakfast to order is usually included.  They are clean, unique and very family oriented.  You will not regret your adventures if you take it all in.

(more to come)

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