London, Scotland 1998

First time I had ever been traveling and boy was I introduced to a whole new world.  This trip really opened my eyes to people, places and companions.  It really opened up so many doors for me and got me hooked on travel.  I was scared and skeptical but thrilled at the things I saw,  learned and took away from this trip on so many levels.  My personal passion for life was reinvented on this trip and I was never the same person nor did I look at places, people, or history the same after this.

Brad and Angela -  London

Brad and Angela Wright - London 1998

*Its hard to go on a trip with a travel companion that is a know-it-all.  All you hear about is how they have been everywhere and know everything and it can make it hard to enjoy certain places and really take in the experience if all you here is that person talk all the time.  Even the smallest of experiences like staying at a B&B or going into an ancient castle can be ruined by these kind of people.  Its best to travel with those who want to share your experience with you, even the smallest details.  Rather than with someone who tends to take the fun out of it all by telling you that he or she already knows what the experience is going to be like.  Try to avoid these kinds of travel companions at all costs.  You want to be able to soak in the experience for yourself not spend the entire time listening to them talk about how they are the beat all and end all of travelers who want to suck the fun out of your entire trip.   We did not learn our lesson for several years regarding this particular traveler but we no longer choose these kinds of people to travel with. 

London is a busy busy place.  Lots of traffic and crowded.  But its fantastic.  The old buildings and churches, to see where Lady Diana was married, Parliament, to watch the double-decker red buses for the first time.  The architecture, the history, was so amazing.  I just wanted to stand around and look at everything.  We saw the clock tower Big Ben, which might not seem like a big deal since everyone sees it, but its pretty fascinating.  And there are so many angles to get great photos of it. 

You can watch the Thames river run underneath the bridge, it runs very fast and is very busy.  It is the second longest river in the UK and the longest river in England.  Everything happens for London from this river, Power, Food, Drink, and water.  Its a great day when you can sit and watch the activities of the river. 

My first real odd experience was that you don’t really get ice in Europe.  There refrigeration is different than we are used too so you usually get your drinks warm or room temp.  You can ask for ice, but of course they look at you weird and then bring you a cube or two. 

I don’t think the food in London is that great, its kind of typical, Fish and Chips, salads, pizza.  I found nothing extraordinary about the food myself.  But the beer is good and the English are always prepared to have a good time. 

You can walk and walk through London and always have something to see.  I would go back here and have been back since this trip.  I think that you will enjoy your stay here.  But be ready for it to be expensive.

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