Fiji 2007

Brad and Angela Wright

Brad and Angela Wright in Fiji

We stayed in a resort while here and though the resort was clean it was not necessarily a place I would stay again.  The food was not very good and they had a limited menu.  You were pretty much told what you were going to eat at each meal and it was difficult to ask for anything special or different because the wait staff didn’t speak hardly any english.  And it was SO hot that just walking to the dining area, which was outside overlooking the water,  you were dripping in sweat.

Most of the resorts there are owned by New Zealanders, rich New Zealanders.  Which is not necessarily and issue except that it pained us to see how they treated the staff.  They barely paid them a wage, made them work 7 days a week, day and nite and told them they had to live on site of the resort and made them pay their own rents and for their own food.  If they talked back or get complaints they were fired and many of them were asked to leave the island.  That made us sad because these people were locals, this was their land and they were given very few choices about life.

Though they appreciated the work, it was sad to see how impoverished they were even with wages being paid.

We did not like the resort because it was full of children, and it was small.  The rooms were small and hot and dark and there was not a lot of room to relax or really enjoy yourself unless you went up to the main resort house.  We didn’t like to do that because it was so hot and the children were always there running around and were terribly behaved.

The diving was good, easy but good.  It takes about 45 minutes to get to any dive site from the resort.  And its a real pain to have to drag your gear back and forth from your room to the dive boat every day.  The dive boats are very small.  But the dive masters are helpful and friendly and know their diving.  Corinne got her Open Water Certification in Fiji and they treated her very well.

It is hard to get to Fiji, we flew Air New Zealand, which is the only airline that flies there out of LAX.  And it only flies 2 times a week.  It’s about 15 hours from LA to Fiji (Nadi International Airport)  and about a two-hour drive from the Nadi airport to anywhere.

The airline is never on time, and be prepared for it to cancel or change your reservations without telling you.  And if you are stuck somewhere because of their total incompetence do not expect to get reimbursed for anything, a hotel, meals, nothing. They will ignore your requests and your calls and you will never get your money back or get an apology for anything.

Fiji is pretty but poor.  Most people live in huts, or in make shift box homes, or on the streets.  They work just to provide enough food for their families for one day.  It’s a hard life and there is wealth all around them.

They are a very friendly people.  They smile a lot and treat you well.  They seem to love their island and helping people out and seeing you come to visit.

There isn’t much to do in Fiji, except lay on the beach, drink, read, dive.  But if that is your thing than this might be the place for you.   I am certain we will not go back.

Be prepared for it to be very hot, humid and flourishing with bugs.

Fiji, 2007

Fiji, 2007

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