Bahamas 2009

Live Aboard dive boat.  My daughter received her advanced Open Water SCUBA cert while on this trip. 

As with most dive boats there are always those that you either like or hate, get along with right away or not.  There were some folks on the boat from Detroit.  And they were very gossipy, secretive etc.  They didnt like to follow the diver masters instructions, they always wanted to go their own way and they were always having to be bailed out of a jam because they were not even very good divers.  Though if you were to ask them, they were the best.

We did meet some nice folks, two brothers from Brooklyn.  They were very friendly and they had been traveling together since they were kids. They were nice and they enjoyed dinner with us most nites.

We had the largest cabin on the boat and as I have found out on dive boats, if you are the one with the largest cabin, be prepared to be talked about by the others on board.

They start to ask you questions about your job, how much you make, what kind of car you drive.  Its very competitive on a dive boat.  Though i have not for the life of me figured out why. Diving is a hard sport, takes training and can be dangerous.  You dont have to be rich to do it, and you dont have to be famous to enjoy it.  Yet dive boats have the most interesting, jealous group of people onboard, most of the time.  I can see why my husbands first wife had trouble with people on board these boats, with her know-it-all, selfish and flaunting conversations.  I am sure it upset most people and became down right rude most of the time.

You can pretty much tell right away on a live a board who you will get along with and who you wont.  And you end up staying away from some people most of the time on the boat.

We had the unfortunate situation of one man on the boat who was always the one who had to talk the loudest and be the biggest and he and Brad got into it one nite when he started bad mouthing Microsoft.  It was not a pretty few days after that.  The guy was just a jerk and I was glad when we were off the boat away from him

This boat was not as nice as some I have gone on.  Especially after being on this fantastic boat for our honeymoon in the Red Sea in Egypt.  Now that was a fantastic boat!  But it was ok, the food was decent but not great, the diving was good and easy and the sites were lovely.  It was a good place to just relax and enjoy if you could get away from annoying people.

(more to come soon)

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